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Benny's Place



Benny's Place is named in honor of Benedict Thomas Curry, Dr. Curry's older brother, who suffered a head injury when he was 21 lapsed into a coma and nearly died.  Benny struggled throughout his life with alcohol and substance abuse issues stemming from his attempt to deal with his reduced physical and mental abilities caused by the injury he sustained from the accident.  He struggled to find a place in life; not quite fitting in; never the same after the accident.  Benny made his earthly transition on May 22, 2011.  He was 53 years old.

Benny's Place Offers:

The unique opportunity for consumers to meet and engage with others that are experiencing similar issues to them, encouraging them to express thoughts and feelings.  Consumers interact with peers in a positive environment to practice appropriate social skills and forge healthy relationships.  Consumers are taken on outings to various places to practice and improve their socialization skills.  Staff serves as advocates for consumers admitted to our program who receive services from other agencies.  Consumers receive assistance in coordinating services to address their physical, emotional, and psychological day-to-day needs.  Consumers are referred to appropriate agencies whenever their needs cannot be met by Benny's Place of IHCCS, Inc. staff.

Issues Addressed Include:

- Substance Abuse/ Addiction
- Thought Disorders
- Anxiety/Depression
- Anger Management
- Relaxation/ Stress Reduction
- Social Skills/ Life Skills
- Lectures on:  HIV, First Aid, Nutrition, Medication Management, and others provided by South University Nursing Students.

Our Facilities Include:

- Group rooms and Therapy Rooms
- Game and Media Room with TV/DVD player
- Kitchen and Dining Area
- Facility Courtesy Van

Payment for Services:

Medicaid/Self Pay


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